Website Performance Matters!

Did you know, 47% of consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less!  Discover how websites in home services industries are ranking in the Google search results when it comes to speed, size, and overall performance!

  • How does website performance affect PageRank?
  • How are websites in home services industries performing?
  • Discover how to boost your sites performance!
Speed Index, Performance Matters!

Fast Websites Rank in the Top of Search Results

While slower websites are positioned further down the list of search engine listings.

Consider how HVAC service provider websites are performing in one city, Indianapolis, IN.  The graph above displays the relationship between website speed and search engine rankings.  The #1 ranking website, in Google is "Williams Comfort Air" and it loads in 1.8 seconds.  The website on the right, "Comfort Pro" is #12 and it takes 7 seconds to load.

Who do you think is getting the most service calls?

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