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When it comes to the performance of websites, it can be interesting to look at an industry where performance is a high priority in the brand values.  This custom dashboard is focused on the automotive industry.  To narrow the focus, we have car assembled a list of manufacturers from around the world that design and build supercars.  The companies on this list have cars that have a top speed of over 200mph, are in production, and can be ordered to be built.  There are no concept or prototype cars included in this list.

 As a bit of history, auto manufacturing started in the late 1860's with Mercedes Benz.  Today, there are over 750 companies producing cars around the world and the estimated market size is 2.52 trillion in U.S. dollars.

The automobile industry is estimated to build 75.3 million units annually.

Which supercar company has the fastest website?

When companies have an online presence, a website may be one of the main assets they have to communicate with their customers, prospects, and audiences.  The speed and performance of the website can be an important factor when being able to quickly grab the attention of a visitor.

To spur a sense of friendly competition, we have built the following graph to display how fast a website loads when a person visits the front page of the site.  

How Much Search Traffic Do Supercar Companies Receive?


Websites and search engines rely on words and phrases to help people find the information they are looking for.  These words are often referred to as "keywords".  If a website has a large number of keywords, they may increase their chances of attracting visitors and potential customers to learn more about their product or services.  By examining the Supercar Industry, we can see that on average, each company has the following number of keywords:

(Average Number of Keywords.)

The chart on the right is displaying 12 companies in the automotive industry and the amount of keywords and phrases that are published on their website.

Website Traffic

When a website is published online, the number of people that visit the website is often referred to as "traffic."  With the graph on the left, we have measured the estimated traffic for each company and created this chart to display how many visitors a website is receiving on a monthly basis.

(Average Monthly Visitors)

The chart on the left is displaying the 12 automotive companies and the amount of estimated traffic monthly traffic to their website.

Keywords and Website Traffic

In the graph below, we have analyzed and ranked the top 30 automotive supercar manufacturers by the amount of keywords they have in relationship to the amount of estimated visitor traffic received on each website.

Key:  Left Column: Volume of Keywords (Purple)  Bottom Row: Rank by Number of Keywords (Green)

How does page size affect website performance?

By measuring and analyzing the performance of supercar manufacturers, we can see the page size of each company website.  In the graph below, we are using megabytes and speed to visualize how large websites are in relation to their performance.


Does Website Server Speed Matter?

Server Speed

When a person clicks on a website link, the web server is activated and responds to a request to deliver a page in a quick and timely manner.  By measuring and analyzing the speed of web servers in the Supercar Automotive industry, we can understand how server speed can play an important role when engaging with a potential customer.  On average, the web servers of the top ten fastest websites will respond in:


While the average response time of top 10 competitors is 523 ms, the industry average all of the competitor websites is 680 ms

Where are the companies located?

Welcome to the location section for Automotive Manufacturing Companies here on!  In this area we have the locations of automotive companies from around the world. This can help visualize how some websites are being served from a specific location and others are using a distributed network from around the world to speed up the delivery time of their content and to start engaging with their customers faster!, Ferrari

Car Model: SF90
Top Speed (mph): 211.00
Website Speed: 3.80, Porsche

Car Model: 917 LH
Top Speed (mph): 240.00
Website Speed: 0.72, McLaren

Car Model: Speedtail
Top Speed (mph): 250.00
Website Speed: 3.25, Lamborghini

Car Model: Huracan EVO Spyder
Top Speed (mph): 201.00
Website Speed: 1.34, Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

Car Model: Stradale 207
Top Speed (mph): 207.00
Website Speed: 2.28, Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Car Model: AMG 202
Top Speed (mph): 202.00
Website Speed: 1.08, Audi

Car Model: R8
Top Speed (mph): 203.00
Website Speed: 2.09, Arash Cars
Arash Cars

Car Model: AF 10
Top Speed (mph): 221.00
Website Speed: 1.46, Nissan

Car Model: R390
Top Speed (mph): 221.00
Website Speed: 4.86, Bentley

Car Model: GT
Top Speed (mph): 208.00
Website Speed: 0.74, Maserati

Car Model: MC20
Top Speed (mph): 202.00
Website Speed: 5.69, Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Car Model: Valkyrie
Top Speed (mph): 250.00
Website Speed: 1.95, Lotus

Car Model: Evija
Top Speed (mph): 200.00
Website Speed: 2.43, Rimac

Car Model: Nevera
Top Speed (mph): 258.00
Website Speed: 1.03, Koenigsegg

Car Model: Absolut
Top Speed (mph): 330.00
Website Speed: 3.21, Bugatti

Car Model: Chiron Super Sport
Top Speed (mph): 304.00
Website Speed: 1.14, Pagani

Car Model: Huayra BC Roadster
Top Speed (mph): 240.00
Website Speed: 1.46, Ford GT

Car Model: Ford GT
Top Speed (mph): 216.00
Website Speed: 2.07
SSC North America
SSC North America

Car Model: SSC Tuatara
Top Speed (mph): 295.00
Website Speed: 1.63, Pininfarina

Car Model: Battista
Top Speed (mph): 222.00
Website Speed: 6.24, Gordon Murray Automotive
Gordon Murray Automotive

Car Model: T50
Top Speed (mph): 230.00
Website Speed: 1.89, Hennessey Performance Automotive

Car Model: Venom F5
Top Speed (mph): 300.00
Website Speed: 2.81, CZinger

Car Model: Czinger 21C V Max
Top Speed (mph): 253.00
Website Speed: 1.07, Saleen

Car Model: S7
Top Speed (mph): 298.00
Website Speed: 2.63, 9ff

Car Model: GT9-R
Top Speed (mph): 257.00
Website Speed: 4.84, Mansory

Car Model: Vivere
Top Speed (mph): 253.00
Website Speed: 1.92, Fahlke

Car Model: Larea GT-1
Top Speed (mph): 267.00
Website Speed: 1.35, Aspark

Car Model: Owl
Top Speed (mph): 249.00
Website Speed: 4.93, Ultima RS
Ultima RS

Car Model: Ultima RS
Top Speed (mph): 250.00
Website Speed: 2.85, Ruf

Car Model: CTR
Top Speed (mph): 233.00
Website Speed: 10.35

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